"I just read the Whitepaper that you provided.  It is rather involved yet concise and exciting for a patient like me.  This has so much value, now and in the future.  It re-defines for me where I am in chronic illness and what I can do about it.  It is not just a private challenge to survive each day and not lose my mind, it is also an opportunity to find my identity in illness and how it has shaped my character in these last four years.  Based on the levels provided and the examples of behaviours within those levels I am definitively "engaged".  It feels good to realize that."
- Sean McDermott, Patient

"Patient stories [are] a powerful way to understanding and improving our healthcare system. Zal presented at our leadership convention for over 400 staff. His story was powerful and engaging. He shared what it has been like to endure chronic illness in a healthcare system that is not always ideal. He made us laugh, he made us think. But his hope and passion to persevere was inspirational."
- Winnie Doyle, Chief Nursing Executive, St. Joseph's Healthcare

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